Tradition of Caring History

KELOLAND TV’s “Tradition of Caring” program began in 1998 as a unique public service effort that involved every employee at the station from the general manager to the receptionist. It was created to concentrate on local causes and to have a real impact.

Slumberland Furniture joined as a sponsor in 1999.  Their corporate goal of service and involvement in the community matched closely the goals of “Tradition of Caring”.  In 1999 we aired 7,756 “Tradition of Caring” spots on KELOLAND TV. 

In August 2000 KELOLAND TV won a National Emmy for the “Tradition of Caring” campaign.  This was truly an award for the entire station since each one took part in making the “Tradition of Caring” spots.  

Avera joined as sponsor in 2013 making Tradition of Caring a much stronger effort in our area.

The program has evolved but continues to focus on helping numerous causes and organizations.  Below are the organizations and causes we have helped over the years.

About the Grant

KELOLAND TV awards grant recipients with public service air time on KELO-TV and My UTV.  The air time is divided between the nonprofit organizations selected by Avera & KELOLAND TV.  The air time cannot be used as credit towards an existing balance or future cash schedule.  All time must be used during the calendar year and will be scheduled at the discretion of KELOLAND TV.  Organizations interested in applying will need to fill out the grant application and submit documentation of non-profit status.


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