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May 16, 2018 06:09 PM

Electric Cooperative Offers Power Line Safety Tips For Farmers

Near Pierpont, SD

Planting season is also underway in KELOLAND. 

With so much big machinery at work, a lot can go wrong if you're not careful. 

It's full speed ahead for Rodney Tobin. 

Wednesday, the Pierpont-area farmer is putting in soybeans. 

"We're pushing hard. We're tag teaming the equipment, for the planter anyway," Farmer Rodney Tobin. 

So far about 80-percent of his crop is in for the year. 

Even when the race is on to get the seeds in the ground, safety is a top priority for Tobin and Lake Region Electric General Manager Tim McIntyre. 

Machinery hitting or knocking down power poles has become more of an issue in recent years. 

"The clearances and the size of the equipment are a lot different than they were 10 or 15 years ago," McIntyre said. 

If your equipment gets snagged up in the wires, it could be fatal.

"When you get out and you're talking about primary wires, the voltages are at a point where it just can be very unforgiving," McIntyre said. 

If you are out in the field and you get tangled up in some wires, stay in the cab and call 911. 

If you are in immediate danger or your equipment is on fire...

"They'll need to kind of observe where the wires are down and they'll want to jump as far away from the equipment, not touching the equipment and the ground at the same time," McIntyre said. 

That's key. Never touch the ground and your machinery at the same time. Once you're on the ground, Mcintyre says shuffle away as far as you can with your feet close together. 

It's a safety reminder both Mcintyre and Tobin are trying to drive home to all farmers. 

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