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June 22, 2018 05:01 PM

Murals Painted At Patrick Henry Middle School

Next school year, Patrick Henry Middle School students will come back to a surprise. The school partnered with artist Terra Cypher to paint murals in the school.

Four murals were painted throughout the entire middle school. Patrick Henry Middle School teachers say it was a way to cover up blank wall space.

"Our school could use some positive quotes and we wanted to make the building welcoming. We wanted to improve the appearance on some of our more blank walls," Patrick Henry Middle School teacher Danyelle Cleveland said.

Cleveland was referred to Cypher through social media. The school contacted her in May to paint the murals.

"Their student council had raised some money and they wanted to make some stuff to make the school look a little nicer. They had me come in to look at the wall space and I gave them some quotes. They were like we like it, let's go for it," Terra Cypher said.

Each mural contains an inspiring quote. Cypher hopes this helps students get through the school day.

"Middle school students can often be having a really hard day. When we look at the positive nature of these messages, who knows what student can be walking down the hallway and look up and see one of those inspiring messages? It's our hope that they see that and it just makes a difference in their mindset,"  Cleveland said.

The school plans to reveal the murals during an open house at the beginning of the school year.

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