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May 31, 2018 05:13 PM

A Closer Look At The Cost Of Possible SF School District Expansion

Sioux Falls, SD

We are learning more about the $190 million plan to ease crowding in South Dakota's largest school district.

If approved by the School Board and Sioux Falls voters, it would cost the average homeowner about $2 per month. This adds up to about $24 annually for an $185,000 home. 

If it's approved, the largest project would be an $82.4 million high school in the northwest part of the city. At this point, there are no plans for what it will look like or where exactly it will be built. But a task force has asked the School Board to consider donated land near the Sanford Pentagon. With so much crowding, the task force wants to move quickly. If possible they'd like it ready for students in 2021.  

The second-largest project is a $43.1 million middle school. The task force wants to put it south of 26th Street in the southeast part of town. If possible they'd like to have it complete in 2021.  

The task force also decided the city needs another elementary school at a cost of $17.6 million by 2024. They didn't decide on a location.

The next big project would be Whittier Middle School. The task force is recommending buying land near the current school with the hopes of replacing the century-old school in 10 years. 

Once the new schools are built, the district will have to rework some of the boundaries. The ultimate goal is to have no more than 1,800 students in a high school, 1,000 in a middle school, and no more than 600 students in any elementary school. 

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