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April 13, 2018 10:03 PM

Blizzard Changes Prom Dates In Brandon

Prom-goers at Brandon Valley will have to dance to a different tune, and to a different date, because of the blizzard. The high school had moved-up Saturday's prom to Friday night.  But the forecast wasn't looking very promising, so prom has been re-scheduled again, to Sunday night.

The commons area at Brandon Valley High School is getting a pre-prom makeover by the staff and students.

"How do we transform a school which you go to every single day to not feel like school," prom advisor Carolyn Ebright said.

The school went all out with decorations. Prom committee member Rachel DeSmet is helping with the setup, being careful to protect her freshly-manicured nails.

"I got my nails done yesterday expecting prom to be tonight.  But now it's going to be, got to keep them safe until then. Too expensive to ruin," DeSmet said.  

Rachel is one of the Brandon Valley students swept up by the blizzard's whirlwind of shifting appointments.

"All the girls had our appointments for Saturday, our hair, our makeup, girls had nail appointments for Friday that they were planning on doing, but when prom was originally changed to tonight, we had to change all of that, even move their hair appointments up to today. My friends went last night to do our nails. Everything had to be changed and now that it's Sunday, everything has to be changed again to Sunday night," DeSmet said.  

But the school says the students' safety is a priority, so prom will take place Sunday night when the worst of the weather is over.

Local businesses are stepping-up to help the students. The El Riad Shrine has refunded the rental charge and that money will be re-invested into the prom. And that's just the start of the community support.

"All the tuxedo places have extended their deadlines for returning tuxedos, the flower shops have been great, we have numerous hair salons that are opening up on Sunday that aren't normally open on Sunday," principal Gregg Talcott said.

The rescheduling may be an inconvenience, but it also promises to make prom a lasting memory for the students.

"Obviously, we're all going to remember the prom that got changed twice," DeSmet said.

"They will be able to say that our prom was unlike anyone else's prom, and it will be," Talcott said.

The school says postponing prom to another weekend isn't an option because facilities aren't available, and students have spring events to attend.  Plus, graduation open house season is rapidly approaching.

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