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June 18, 2017 10:00 PM

Citizen's Group Challenges Property Tax Opt-Out Vote

Sioux Falls, SD

A group of Sioux Falls citizens is taking a stand against the Sioux Falls School Board's recent vote to opt-out of local property tax limits. The "Stop the Opt-Out" group is making plans to bring the decision to a public vote.

Lora Hubbel is the chair of the "Stop the Opt Out" citizen's group. She believes property owners will be negatively impacted by the property tax opt-out.

"We can't afford this. This is going to increase our rents. It's going to increase our house payments,” Hubbel said.

Today she led an informational meeting in the Downtown Library. Opponents of the school board's decision had the chance to sign the petition. The goal is to get 6,000 signatures.

"I just hope that they hear us. That they hear that we're suffering down here. You might not be suffering in your $400,000 house but we who live in modest environments, we are suffering,” Hubbel said.  

School Board member Kent Alberty says he's standing by his decision to approve the property tax-opt-out. 

"We need the ability to not let our fund balance in the district drop so low that we would have go out and borrow money,” Alberty said.

Still, he knows citizens have a right to challenge him.

"We've handled this with the transparency that I think we needed to. People certainly have the ability if they choose to do a ballot initiative,” Alberty said.

In the coming weekends, the Stop the Opt Out group plans to hold petition drives at the Minnehaha County Administration Building Parking Lot. They have 20 days to meet their goal. 

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