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August 22, 2017 06:17 PM

Lincoln High School Students, Principal Get Ready For School

Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls Public School students are getting ready to go back to class.

For high schoolers, that means picking up a parking permit, taking a ID photo, and getting a copy of their class schedule the week before school starts. 

Lincoln High School's class of 2021 is getting ready for school. 

High school, that is. 

The first stop is taking a yearbook picture.

Where Robin Arneson is sending her first kid to high school. 

"Probably a little excited and's hard to say," Freshman parent Robin Arneson said. 

Arneson has another kid starting this year in middle school .

"Last year, you know, he was top dog in middle school. And now he's a little guppy in high school," Arneson said. 

School officers hand out IDs so they know every face. 

"A lot of the new kids get to introduce themselves. They learn that we're somebody we can talk to. We're pretty friendly here," School Resource Officer Robert Draeger said. 

The school staff is meeting new students...and the students are meeting new principal Robert Grimm. 

"It's going good. He's an exciting guy, he's got a lot of energy," Lincoln Counselor Jackie Geppert-Anderson said. 

"I'm really excited. Can't wait for the first day of school. To see the hallways busy with a couple thousand students roaming around trying to find their class," Lincoln High School Principal Robert Grimm said. 

Grimm says he's got a lot in common with these 14-year-olds. 

"My freshman year as well, I've been asking them for advice," Grimm said. 

After freshmen pick up their Patriot gear, they get a tour of the school from upperclassmen. 

That tour is the freshman's last stop before the first day of school. 

Lincoln High School says around 2,000 students have their first day of school Sept. 5.

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