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April 12, 2018 10:03 PM

Rapid City Schools Close

After meeting with police, weather, and other emergency officials, Rapid City School District officials decided to cancel classes for Friday, and all activities for the weekend. 

The meeting between Rapid City school district officials took a variety of factors into consideration from the timing of the snow to the ability of plows to keep the streets clear during the storm, and the availability of emergency services.  With all of that in mind, Rapid City school district officials decided to cancel classes for Friday  

"Right now, all of our sources from the National Weather Service to transportation and the county emergency management indicate that the conditions tomorrow are going to be pretty treacherous. And so, in an effort to make sure that we're not hindering the efforts of emergency workers, we are going to close school," said Katy Urban, school spokesperson. 

Depending on how quickly the temperatures begin to fall, there's a chance streets might not yet be snow-covered in the morning. But the winds will be high, driving increasing snowfall. 

"And so that's not something where we want our little kids out waiting for a bus in the morning. And even if we could get buses out and about in the morning, there's a lot of information that indicates we would not be able to get kids home. So we don't want to get stuck at school over the weekend," said Urban.

School officials agreed that what the district is facing is an unusual set of weather circumstances that may involve threats to the safety of students.   

"We've heard from a lot of different experts that say this is going to be a fairly epic storm," said Urban. 

To find out more about specific school related cancellations, you can go to the district's Facebook page.

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