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May 16, 2018 10:01 PM

SF Task Force Reaches Consensus On Where New Middle, High Schools Should Go

Sioux Falls, SD

As Sioux Falls grows, its school district is now looking at how it will, too. We now have details on where a new high school and middle school could go.

Wednesday night, the Sioux Falls School District's facilities task force reached consensus on locations for these two schools. The 30 person group says a middle school should go on the east side of Sioux Falls, and a high school should go in the northwest part of the city. 

"The task force members understand that we have growing enrollment for the Sioux Falls School District," task force co-chair Nan Baker said. "So they have taken the projections of the growing enrollment, and have said these are the facilities that we need within the next 10 years to accommodate that growth. Those facilities are number one a high school, number two a middle school." 

Task force member Angela Lammers was pleased with what she heard Wednesday night. 

"I think the group was incredibly thoughtful, we have so much great representation from the school district, we've got leaders here in our community who are sharing detailed statistics, information on school growth," Lammers said.

The school board will make the final calls.

"We don't want to in any way pigeonhole or strap the board, who ultimately has the authority for the district to make these decisions," Baker said.

At their previous meeting, the task force also decided the district needs a new elementary school. As for when the buildings will go up and a cost, those answers will wait for another day. The task force's next meeting is Wednesday May 30.

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