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February 14, 2018 05:03 PM

Sioux Falls School District Responds To Unappetizing Photo

Sioux Falls

A Sioux Falls mom was in shock after seeing what her daughter's school lunch looked like and took to Facebook for advice on who to call. It's been shared almost 1,500 times. 

Mandy Berkhout didn't expect her post to be shared across thousands of Facebook feeds. She says she didn't mean to shame anyone, she was just looking for answers.

The Sioux Falls superintendent says they're ready to take responsibility and action. 

She's a frustrated mom. 

Mandy Berkhof says this is Tuesday's lunch at her daughter's Sioux Falls elementary school. 

"I don't know if it was the green bananas....or the fact that the tortilla tasted like cardboard," Berkhof said. 

So, Berkhof went looking for answers from her Facebook friends.

"My main concern was just to post it, and get a contact person or a phone number for who to talk to about the food," Sioux Falls mom Mandy Berkhof said. 

She never expected the response she got. Thousands now know her story--including the Sioux Falls superintendent. 

"I think probably like most people when I saw it, I was like 'ahhh' that's certainly not the image we want to portray," Brian Maher, Superintendent, Sioux Falls Schools said. 

The superintendent says they're not happy with this lunch either. 

"We served a green banana. We served a lot of green bananas that day. That was a something we have to own, that was a mistake we made," Maher said. 

As for the rest of the plate...

"I don't know if we can determine the quality of the nutrition of a meal from the picture," Maher said. 

This mom says it's a bigger issue than just her kid. 

"I'm speaking on behalf of all the kids, not everybody gets to get a packed lunch at school," Berkhof said. 

She hopes her post encourages more parents to try out what's on the school's lunch menu. 

The superintendent says they're not looking to make excuses, and they want feedback from parents.

Berkhof says she's been in contact with members of the school board to get what's on the menu for lunch on the board's agenda. 

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