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February 02, 2018 06:08 PM

Sonia Sotomayor Students Create Their Own "Souper Bowl"

While most fans are excited for The Big Game on Sunday, kids at  Sonia Sotomayor Elementary school, already celebrated their "Souper Bowl."

Students at Sonia Sotomayor are changing the meaning of the Super Bowl. 

"The idea just came from, we just want to help out people and we felt like if we donated soup cans it would really help and the Super Bowl is this weekend, so it kind of plays a long with it," said 5th grader Aubreigh Mccall. 

Students put on their very own "Souper Bowl" by doing just that.  

All of this soup will help people in need.   

This is the drive's second year, and thanks to technology, students surpassed their goals.

"We have daily announcements and we make funny videos to try to get them and encourage them to bring some cans for the people," 5th grader Josie Tollinger. 

"We also post some videos on Facebook to get them to know and emails" said Mccall. 

Even though the 'Souper Bowl' only lasted a few days, students collected more than a thousand cans for Feeding South Dakota. 

Teacher Nicole Groen says it's a win for everyone involved. 

"This world was all about helping others. That's what it is and these kids are learning at such a young age, that it's about helping others and being there for others and that's what's the most important," said Groen. 

The drive is over but the principal said more donations are to come. 

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