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February 07, 2018 06:02 PM

Students Say Now Is The Time To Build

The Sioux Falls School District continues to deal with overcrowding issues at all three levels; the high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. 

We've heard from administrators about some options, but now we get to hear from some of the people who actually use the facilities; the students. 
High school students are always learning, but Wednesday, they got to teach.

Members of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee told the school board what they have to deal with everyday.

Isaiah Henderson says the hallways are crowded at his high school and it's hard to get to class on time, because of the congestion.  

"It almost makes it super problematic getting from one place to another quickly," Henderson said. 

Every one of these students agrees expanding existing schools is probably not a solution. 

"I think if you expand you are only delaying the problem, because there are so many students I think the need is toward building a new facility, because you'd almost be taking away from the school itself," Ann Madson said. 

Like at Roosevelt. 

"If you expand onto Roosevelt, you're taking away our parking spots I mean we already struggle with that," Jeryn Mediger said. 

Jeryn Mediger says Roosevelt is so crowded, that during homecoming week, they couldn't fit everyone into the gym for a pep rally. 

"That kind of stinks, because that's a big part of homecoming, so everyone was really bummed out," Jeryn said. 

However, Jane Walsh who attended a specialty school at Eugene Field Elementary that incorporates arts, drama and music into daily lessons, cautions the board against building anymore specialty schools.  

"I loved Eugene Field, it was great, but I think if we add any more specialty schools, it's going to take away certain parts of a general education school, that are so important," Jane Walsh said. 

The students also told the board that any new school needs to be diverse and so does the teaching staff.

Coming up in March, the school board will be taking public testimony at three separate hearings. 

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