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May 30, 2018 05:05 PM

Task Force Prepares For Final Meeting

After nearly two months of crunching numbers and discussing options, the Sioux Falls School Community Engagement Task Force will finally announce their proposals. We talked with Superintendent Brian Maher about what he expects citizens to learn about possible facilities and costs.

Three dozen men and women have been meeting since early April to decide the best options for the overcrowding issues at Sioux Falls schools.

At the final meeting tonight, we'll learn exactly what they think is the best bet for everyone involved.

"I think the task force has done a great amount of work already in three meetings. So I'm anxious to see how they tie it into a bow tonight," Sioux Falls School Superintendent Brian Maher said. 

The task force has said they believe the city needs a new elementary school, middle school and a high school. Altogether, that much construction comes with a big price tag.

"My guess is you're going to see a number between 150 Million and 250 Million. Somewhere in there," Maher said. 

However, Maher believes tonight will be a chance for people to see how this will really impact their daily lives, and budgets.

"What the task force will help the community say is to break it down, what's it going to cost you? What's it going to cost me, as the individual home owner. And that way we can say, is this solution worth 10 dollars a month or 20 dollars a month or whatever the number is," Maher said. 

Next, the people get to share their thoughts on the possible solution. The district will be sending out mailers starting next week, explaining how citizens can give feedback on the proposed projects.

"Things talking like, pertaining to the amount and pertaining to the solution and pertaining to locations or at least general locations for buildings. Things like that we'll want the community to weigh in on," Maher said. 

The decision from tonight will go to the Board of Education. Then, Maher expects the board will pick a proposal to be voted on in September.

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