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March 02, 2018 10:09 PM

A Friendship Found On Highway 18

Lincoln County

This is a story about friendship, and the bond between a little girl and a dog, who's making a big difference. 

On the side of highway 18 there's a friendship between a girl, and a dog. 

The dog is Mocha. Half Husky, half black Lab.

Full-time cat chaser, face licker, and best friend to her 14-year-old sister. 

Most days, she waits for her best friend by the bus stop. 

"She has a mind of her own, and unless we were to chain her up all the time..." Sarah said. 

Her mom Sarah doesn't like Mocha sitting out on the side of the road. 

"Good girl just have to watch out for cars," Sarah said. 

Mocha knows she's not supposed to wait for her best friend so close to traffic. 

When KELOLAND News went to do this story, she spotted us...and our camera....and was a very good girl...patiently waiting for 4 o'clock...far away from the road. 

"It tickles her pink to see Mocha waiting for her when she is," Sarah said. 

She's one smart girl. 

And then, her best friend is home from school. 

You'd think this friendship was lifelong. 

But Mocha and Autumn met just two months ago. 

When Autumn moved in with her new mom Sarah.

To a new house, with a new dog. 

Mocha makes all that...
"Way easier, because I know I'm not alone," Autumn said. 

A lot less scary, for her sister Autumn. 

"I'm always nervous when I go to new families," Autumn said. 

It's like Mocha knew this girl needed a big slobbery "welcome home" kiss. 

"They just know when you're down, and they'll do their best to try to cheer you up," Autumn said. 

"I think she really loves animals, because of her situation in her past. She's had some pain in her life," Sarah said. 

Pain that we don't need to talk about. 

Autumn has already told the best listener. 

"They listen to you, they don't judge you. They just love you for who you are," Autumn said. 

Autumn's new mom Sarah knows how important that love is. 

"Especially when people haven't been consistent, or kind, or when things always haven't been good," Sarah said. 

While people have left her disappointed, Autumn knows who she can count on. 

"You know that that dog loves you no matter what. There's no fear about a dog's love," Sarah said. 

With every move to a new family, love from four legs is the one thing Autumn can count on. 

"All of them had a dog," Autumn said. 

Mocha is always there when Autumn gets home from school. 

Because this dog knew what this girl needed most. 

A place to call home. 


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