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March 06, 2018 10:10 PM

Fountain Of Youth

A Sioux Falls senior citizen takes her workout routine very seriously. This resident of Touchmark At All Saints is an avid walker and swimmer.

Alice Doscher doesn't spend much of her free time sitting around. Once a week, she'll leave her two bedroom apartment at Touchmark At All Saints and goes for a stroll.

"I get tired, but I do, I walk, yeah, I can walk it pretty good," Doscher said.

Doscher walks from one hallway to the next. A brisk pace that takes her from the fourth floor, all the way to the main floor. She is a real mover among the Touchmark residents.

"You sometimes have to bring them out of their little cocoons. The older ones my age don't go out, you know, they just don't go out," Doscher said.

She walks clear across the entire building, covering about a quarter-mile. And that's just for starters.

"I just love the water," Doscher said

Her destination is Touchmark's therapy pool that opened last summer.

"It's good exercise. It's real good exercise and you use your arms and legs and the breathing," Doscher said.

Swimming is quite an aquatic accomplishment considering Doscher's age. She's 100 years old.

"I've been swimming all my life," Doscher said.

Swimming brings back a flood of childhood memories for Doscher, who grew up in Willow Lake.

"We had a cottage at Lake Kampeska so I learned to swim there just by myself," Doscher said.

Doscher became such a good swimmer, she taught others.

"I didn't have a license or anything; that was before they needed one. I'd just show them how and I'd put my hand under their back to teach them to float on their back," Doscher said.

Doscher says she was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Her circle of friends included mostly boys.

"And we used to go on all-day hikes until some old biddy started talking to mom and said how in the world do you let your daughter go out with all those boys? I said there's nothing to it. If they had to go to the bathroom, I went one way and they went the other way and we didn't think anything about it. I shouldn't be telling you all about it," Doscher said.

Too late.

Besides exercise, laughter is another strength that keeps her young.

"Just behave yourself, I guess," Doscher said.

During a typical afternoon, she will go up and down the pool ten times. The pool is fifty feet long, so that's a total of 500 feet she'll cover. That's a workout for anyone at any age. You go ahead Alice, I'll catch up.

"She loves it, she comes down every week, she's always excited to show up, it's a great time," Touchmark Health & Fitness Director Tyler Ramstad said.

Doscher turns 101 years old later this month, on Good Friday.  Her secret to a long life includes a positive attitude wading through life's challenges.

"Don't give up. I mean, things are harder for me to do, but I usually work at it until I can do it, sometimes I can't. That's okay, too," Doscher said.
100-years-old and still kicking.

Once Doscher is done in the pool, she'll walk all the way back to her apartment. The Touchmark staff says she could boost her swim workout to twice a week, if she wants.  

Doscher is looking forward to spending her birthday with her family on March 30th.

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