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March 11, 2018 10:22 PM

Local Author Talks Prayer in "Talking With God"

A local author wants you to have a big conversation. Adam Weber is re-releasing the book he published last year. The new edition comes on paperback and even has a new chapter, but Weber says the message is the same. 

Every Sunday men and women of all ages go to Embrace Church, searching for answers. Framed by light, beams Weber. He doesn't look like a typical pastor. He's not wearing a robe or stole. In just a camouflage hoodie, the lead pastor reminds his congregation of what's in plain sight; God is always speaking to us.

"I knew that was something I wanted to write about was prayer, because prayer is one of those things I think we all hear about and feel like we should know how to do," Weber said. 

Weber released a guide book of sorts called "Talking With God: What to Say When you Don't Know How to Pray" last year. The re-release covers what people often ask Weber about, prayer. 

"I grew up thinking prayer had to be eyes closed, hands folded, don't move. Don't even breathe, you know," Weber said.

Weber's approach may be a breath of fresh air for those wondering how to pray. Whether you're on your knees or on a coffee break, he says prayer is a conversation that meets you wherever you are in that moment.

"Whether it's through art or even just through your groans. Sometimes, and I'm like, 'ugh...' When we direct those groans and feelings toward God, that absolutely is prayer," Weber said. 

During our discussion, Weber made a thoughtful point about how praying for people can be a kindness to them and to yourself. 

Weber: "It sounds random, but I've prayed for you many times. Just like, again, not even for that (points to the camera). Just seeing your kindness, you're such a light. So, I've just thanked the Lord for the kindness you spread. Well, I have! I could find it. It would say, Brady Mallory in my book."

Brady: "I think that's really nice, and I think if more people would care about each other that way, and think about that, that would maybe make the world better. We're so divided right now."

Weber: "We're so divided. And one of the things about praying for somebody is when you begin to pray for your greatest enemy or even someone who disagrees with you, you can't help but start to love them."

All of these lessons now have a better chance of reaching more people. Prisons don't allow hardcover books, and that's one of reasons why Weber values the soft cover re-release.

"There's a wife whose husband is in prison who has already bought a copy for him, and is going to be getting it to him. For me, that is success in its best form," Weber said. 

When church is over, and these people go home, Weber hopes his book will help them find answers they're looking for throughout the rest of the week. 

"You just want to go to target, just like, is there something that can fill me. And yet, even if you get exactly what you want it's never enough. Prayer is what connects us to enough," Weber said. 

Weber says God is always speaking to you. 

"I think talking with God is what shows us our purpose," Weber said. 

Now the question is, are you listening?

"There's so much pain in this world, I just hope it connects with someone and breathes hope into them," Weber said. 

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