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June 17, 2018 10:17 PM

Modern Day Move

They're called Modern Homes and they are popping up all over the country, but you won't find many of them in Sioux Falls. 

From the outside, you can tell right away there is something different about this house.

"When we moved to Sioux Falls we were looking for a builder who might give us that," Shaun Johnson said. 

This modern home is exactly what Shaun and Mary Johnson were looking for when they first moved to Sioux Falls almost two years ago. 

"We were like 'oh my gosh,' this is everything and anything that we were hoping to build ourselves; reminded us of things that we've seen in California to us it just fit the prairie landscape," Mary said. 

Their modern home was built by EPIC Built Construction.  Aaron Junck is the owner. 

"I know a lot of people when we first had this house on the Parade of Homes, their big question was the flat roof, we live in the Midwest how can that be possible and if you look around a lot of your commercial buildings around town have flat roofs," Junck said. 

Because the roof is flat, this house has a built in two thousand square foot patio on top. 

It's just one of many unique dimensions that make this a modern home.

"You get a good mix of different elements on the outside whether it's steel with some cedar wood different blends that way your house isn't all one texture," Junck said. 

The four bedroom house has 1,300 square feet on the main level and a full basement; which allows Johnson, who is a member of Tonic Sol Fa, a chance to write and record in his makeshift studio. 

"I think the favorite part of the house is sort of the openness of it, there are a lot of different styles of homes that I can see why people love, but for me I like the ability that all of our family gathers, you can see them, you can kind of rub elbows with them," Shaun said. 

The Johnson's say at first their house had the neighborhood talking.  

"I know it does because we have cameras and it alerts us when people drive by really slow or they'll have their cameras out when we are outside because I think they are thinking, what is this," Mary said. 

"I think there was a neighbor who thought there was a gas station going up so we definitely get some funny stares as people go by if I'm mowing and waving to people whatever," Shaun said. 

But it's not the only modern home in the neighborhood.  Junck built a second one just down the street.

"Um A lot of people said I was kind of gusty doing it," Junck said. 

But Junck says you won't find many modern homes in Sioux Falls. 

"It just doesn't seem like a lot of developers have opened their minds to it as much, because a lot of the conveniences, like Mary was saying it has to be a 12 5 pitch, so that kind of minimizes your design on the outside," Junck said. 

So for now, he's looking outside of Sioux Falls.  

Junck will be building at least 12 modern homes in this new development in Harrisburg.  He thinks it's only a matter of time before modern homes catch on in Sioux Falls. 

"I was kind of thinking it would be the younger demographic, 'oh yeah this is cool,' we had people in their 70's asking where they could build this; right up here that's about it for right now," Junck said. 

"It just feels like an oasis to us we can be in different cities when we travel, but when we are in Sioux Falls it feels like an oasis," Mary said. 

Junck says his modern homes are priced at $220,000 and up.  

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