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February 09, 2018 06:08 PM

As Flu Season Continues, How One College Campus Looks To Stay Healthy

Sioux Falls, SD

According to the South Dakota Department of Health, there have been 2,519 lab-confirmed cases of the flu in the state this season, with 381 hospitalizations and 17 deaths. 

University of Sioux Falls Director of Residence Life Ashley Maturan says around 530 students live on campus. The school has taken steps to keep everyone healthy during the flu season with so many students living in such close quarters.

"We did host a flu shot clinic on campus late October that offered a really easy way for students to get it right in the student center here," Maturan said.

The school also wants to keep the lines of communication open.

"If someone's roommate has gotten sick, we want to know about that, so that we can make sure that the non-sick student is in a good situation," Maturan said.

Maturan says there's no flu epidemic on USF's campus. But the school has a plan if it happens.

"We do have some residence halls that are designed very easily to quarantine students should the need arise," Maturan said.

Senior Allyson Ewest is a resident assistant who hopes it doesn't come to that. 

"So far it's been pretty good as far as everyone staying healthy, I guess, at least in our residence hall," Ewest said.

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