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August 23, 2017 06:16 PM

Is Your Medicine Cabinet Stocked?

Sioux Falls, SD

With a new school year beginning, school supplies and early bedtimes aren't the only thing parents should think about. 

Accidents happen, and parents know it best. Luckily there are some ways you can be prepared at home, before calling a doctor. 

As a mother of three, Kim Altermatt says most medication doesn't last long enough to expire in her medicine cabinet. 

"I've had it before where I've had band aids and they stop sticking. That's a good indication that you need to go, and get some new stuff," Altermatt said.  

"Back to school is actually a perfect time, similar to when they say time change you update your batteries in your smoke detectors. Back to school is a good time every year to actually go through, and just filter through your entire medicine cabinet," Chief Pharmacist for Lewis Drug Kyle Heer said.

Heer says it's important to make sure your medicine cabinet or first aid kit are up to date, so the medicine works as intended. Begin by looking for medication that's changed consistencies, or isn't packaged anymore. You should also get rid of old prescriptions you might still have in your cabinet. 

According to Heer, you should keep common cold medicine, fever reducers, bandages, and allergy relievers on hand. And while it's important to have your medicine cabinet stocked, it's also important to know when to call the doctor.  

"The first aid kit is meant strictly for minor emergencies," Heer said.

If your child's cut or scrape exceeds two inches, it's time to put the band aids down and call the doctor to minimize scaring or infection.

Like any parent, Altermatt wants to avoid an unnecessary doctors visit, so she makes sure her medicine cabinet is stocked with all the basics and that the medicines are not expired.

Heer says parents should also avoid buying multi-symptom products, and instead choosing a medicine that targets one specific symptom. 

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