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August 22, 2017 06:23 PM

Making Sure Your Kids Get A Healthy Lunch

Sioux Falls, SD

With kids back at school in parts of KELOLAND that means hot lunch or sack lunch for students.

Left to their own, children don't always make the best food choices. Yet, there are some things you can do to improve their selection.

We talk with a dietitian about what you should do when planning your child's school lunch. 

"A kids' school lunch should definitely consist of having a vegetable, a protein, some whole grains, a fruit, and then making sure you know, they have a dairy as well," Hy-Vee registered dietitian Anna Heronimus said.

Heronimus says it's important that kids are eating a healthy lunch during the school day. When it comes to helping your child make the right choices, she says a lot of it starts at home. Letting your child choose some of the items going into their lunch bag is one move in the right direction. 

"Kids like to pack their lunches, they're more likely to then actually then eat what's for lunch," Heronimus said. 

If you're not always able to pack your child's lunch, don't worry.  Heronimus says schools have a dietitian to make sure children are getting a healthy meal at school. 

"The lunches really are really great. They consist of whole grains, vegetables, dairy and fruit," Heronimus said.

Foster mom Gwindy Globke says when she packs her children's lunches, she keeps it healthy. 

"I usually pack a sandwich.  I make sure there's some fruit, grapes, or banana in there," Globke said.

Whether you're packing it, or the school is providing it, making sure your child knows healthy eating habits is key.

Like most parents, Globke wants to be sure her children are having a healthy meal. 

"A lot of times, my kids want a sack lunch because they don't like the school food. So I want to make sure they're getting a good meal," Globke said. 

Heronimus says if your children aren't eating what you pack, ask them what they don't like and adjust.

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