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March 09, 2018 06:06 PM

Prepare For Daylight Saving Time

Aside from the flu, people in KELOLAND may be experiencing a bit of spring fever. 

But before you can wake up to warm weather, you'll have to give up an hour of sleep. 

It brings warm weather, but it can be a cold wake-up call. 

In addition to more sunshine, Dr. Aaron Burkhardt with Avera Health says the time change brings added stress.

"It's something that you should definitely prepare for. Don't put your body through any extra stress that you don't have to," Burkhardt said. 

According to Burkhardt, it takes almost the entire year to adapt to daylight saving time. 

"You see about a 20 percent increase in heart attacks the Monday following daylight saving time, and then you actually see a commiserate decrease once daylight saving time ends," Burkhardt said. 

While one hour of sleep seems like a small loss, Burkhardt says it needs to be taken seriously.

"The time change, you all of a sudden lose an hour of sleep. On top of that, you're changing clocks, so you're afraid you're not going to make it to work on-time," Burkhardt said. 

Burkhardt's advice? Relax.

The easiest way to combat losing an hour of sleep is to stick to a routine.

Getting eight hours of sleep, staying hydrated, and eating your regular diet can help your body function normally.

"Humans are creatures of habit and we do feel most comfortable when we are following a routine. Sometimes breaking the mold is a good thing, but this is one time where it is definitely not," Burkhardt said. 

The only thing that should change is the amount of sleep you receive in the days leading up to the time change.

"Just making sure that your body is getting enough sleep leading up to it, that your body is ready for the time change," Burkhardt said. 

So that when the sun finally arrives, you can enjoy it... stress free. 

For more tips on how to prepare for daylight saving time, click here.

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