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April 13, 2018 06:19 PM

Refueling After A Workout

Refueling after a workout is helpful for your muscles' recovery process, and to replace the nutrients you lost during that time. 

But when it comes to refueling, what are your options?

It's widely known that getting regular physical exercise is good for your body.

But dietitians say it's what you do after exercising, that can make all the difference. 

"Post workout I always take a protein shake. It's a necessity, and then a protein and a carb. Chicken, rice, a lot of chicken and rice," Brian Martin said. 

Martin has been regularly working out for about a year now and says it's rare that he doesn't refuel afterwards.

"I always think about the carbohydrates, and the protein, and food and electrolytes. Those are kind of the key things that you need to be doing after a workout," Registered dietitian Lizzie Kasparek said. 

Throughout a workout your body loses fluids and burns energy, both of which need to be replenished.

Experts say scheduling your workouts around when you eat your meals can be a big help when it comes to refueling. 

"Like if you're exercising before breakfast, breakfast can be that recovery meal for you," Kasparek said. 

Sports drinks such as Gatorade are also commonly used to refuel the body after exercise, but is that your best option?

According to a new study published in the Public Library of Science, bananas may begin to replace sports drinks. 

"You know they didn't have any performance deficits or anything but they did have more bloating, and you'd have to eat a lot of bananas to make up for the same amount of carbs that were in those processed products," Kasparek said. 

Kasparek says while bananas are a great refueling option, they shouldn't be your only option. 

"We still need to bring enough water with us to stay hydrated," Kasparek said. 

That way you can avoid muscle soreness and be ready for the next workout.

"You're using up quite a bit of those carbohydrates that you have stored away in your body that your body uses for energy. So refueling with those carbs afterwards helps so that tomorrows workout, you do have those stores," Kasparek said. 

To read more about the recent study on refueling after a workout, click here.

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