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February 14, 2018 06:12 PM

Tamiflu Shortage

As the flu continues to spread, the need for Tamiflu continues to rise. 

Pharmacists right here in KELOLAND are dealing with a Tamiflu shortage, and say it hasn't been easy. 

As doctors continue to urge people to get the flu shot, one KELOLAND man says he isn't taking part.

Stuart Oines says he's never received a shot and has never gotten the flu. 

"I'm not doing anything special. I guess I expose myself to different things here and there but I just don't get it," Oines said.

Oines is one of the lucky ones avoiding the virus...  Pharmacist Dan Peterson says this year's flu season has made a mark in his pharmacy. 

"The amount of Tamiflu that I've dispensed as compared to last year, there's no comparison. I mean, it's a lot, lot more. I think it's generally more severe this year than it has been in years past," Peterson said. 

And this pharmacy isn't the only one experiencing a rush. The nation is experiencing a Tamiflu shortage.

"Other areas of the country have been hit very, very hard with the flu. It has trickled down now to our area as well," Peterson said. 

With so much demand, generic versions of the drug are hard to come by, leaving you with a big price tag.

"Most insurances will prefer the generic over the name brands. So, basically you can get stuck paying a much higher price if you're forced to do the name brand," Peterson said.

Pharmacists say if you're running into pricing blocks when it comes to Tamiflu, shop for the best price before settling.

"It is competition. However, the general public comes first. If someone has a generic available, yes lets call it over. I mean, lets take care of the patient first," Peterson said.

When it comes to Tamiflu's side effects, in Peterson's opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. 

"I mean people have gotten very sick and hospitalized from the flu, so I think it's worth it," Peterson said.

For more information on Tamiflu, click here. 

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