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January 31, 2018 06:04 PM

Jennifer Zimmer Promises Court She'll Pay Restitution With Tax Return

Sioux Falls

It's a KELOLAND News investigation that's had everyone talking for a year now: The Zimmer Experience.  

Our investigates team talked with landlords from South Dakota to Florida who showed us how their rental property had been trashed by the Zimmer family.  

George and Jennifer Zimmer had long rap sheets and most recently both plead guilty to insurance fraud.  

The St. Francis House told KELOLAND Investigates they even defrauded the homeless shelter.     

But even after our stories aired, Jennifer Zimmer continued to get into trouble with the law. 

Now she is back in court accused of violating her probation for insurance fraud.  
You may remember in recent months we spoke with a couple of restaurants in Sioux Falls. 

Johnny Carinos told us George Zimmer tried to run a scam to get free food. 

Then in November Pizza Ranch showed us surveillance video of who they say was Jennifer Zimmer going behind the desk to steal gift cards. 

However, Zimmer is accused of violating her probation for insurance fraud by stealing three "Life Waters" from the Cubby's convenience store on West 12th street at the end of June. The store caught the theft on surveillance video 

In addition to the theft charge from Cubby's, Jennifer Zimmer did not make her monthly $200 dollar restitution payments and quit her job at Fazoli's. 

As she headed into court Wednesday, where she admitted to the judge she had violated the terms of her probation, she had this to say.  

Jennifer Zimmer: Don't you  have anything better to do; like for real? 

Zimmer asked the judge to delay making a decision on her case until she was able to file her taxes.  Zimmer believes her tax return will cover the $3,600 she owes in restitution to Geico.  

Zimmer faces up to three years in prison for violating her probation terms.  She'll be back in court March 15 to find out her fate.   

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