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May 10, 2018 11:46 AM

PREVIEW: Impact Of Chemical Drift On Sensitive Crops

Last fall, KELOLAND Investigates looked at the problem Dicamba Drift and how the herbicide was having unattended consequences. 

Part 1: Dangerous Dicamba Drift
Part 2: Dangerous Dicamba Drift

While South Dakota made some changes to try to better protect sensitive crops in the state, chemicals drifting where they're not supposed to can still be a big problem, and it is not only Dicamba.   

KELOLAND has been investigating a case of "chemical trespass."  The incident last summer shut down an organic farm in Clay County.  It lost its certification for three years.  It's also believed to have killed off hundreds of bees in hives on another farm.  The farmers who were impacted say South Dakota needs to do more to stop "chemical trespass" from happening.

"It's trespassing. You're not physically trespassing as a person, but your product is coming onto my property damaging my business," organic farmer Glenn Pulse said. 

"The biggest risk to our organic agriculture in South Dakota is pesticide drift by far," organic farmer Angela Pulse said.

South Dakota is one of 19 states that have joined Driftwatch -- an interactive map that shows chemical applicators where sensitive crops are so they can avoid them. 

Coming up tonight at 6 and 10, we take an in-depth look at chemical trespass in South Dakota.  We investigate what the state did about it and where some say the state falls short when it comes to protecting the victims.   

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