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October 16, 2017 04:53 PM

Real Or Fake: 2nd Las Vegas Shooter

Hundreds of people turned out this weekend in the northwest Iowa town of Sutherland for the funeral of one of the victims in the Las Vegas mass shooting.  

Carly Kreibaum was laid to rest along with dozens of other victims across the country. 
And a lot more questions than answers. 

With all the stories on social media how can you determine whether what you're reading is Real or Fake? 

Several sites, including this one, have been running a story with the headline "Breaking News – Police Arrest Mandalay Security Guard Jesus Compos As Second Shooter In Las Vegas Massacre"

This site and stories like this are fake. 

The story goes onto say: "Jesus Campos had originally been praised for his apparent heroics on October 1... However, FBI officials involved in the investigation now believe he was an accomplice of Paddock's."

It's unclear where this rumor got started, but it's spreading fast. Especially because this website looks so much like CNN. Just look at the difference here. 

However, the URL is a clear indication that it's fake. CNN websites all end in

Clark Country, Nevada Sheriff Joe Lombardo addressed some of the rumors. 

"There is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM. Nobody is attempting to hide anything reference this investigation. The dynamics and the size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture. My intent like I stated earlier is to give you information as I know it unverified to calm the public not to establish a legal case," Lombardo said.

The website has since been taken down. 
How to Spot Fake News
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