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May 11, 2018 10:01 PM

Real Or Fake: Should You Leave Your TV On For Your Dog?

You never know what kind trouble your dogs or cats can get into while you're away. 

The movie "The Secret Life of Pets" capitalizes on every owner's fears about leaving Fido home alone. 

"I always accuse my pets of turning the TV on ruining the remote, calling the neighbor dogs over, ordering pizza online, all those good things while we're not there," Dr, Rick Rogen with Horizon Pet Care said. 

Veterinarian Dr. Dick Rogen from Horizon Pet Care tells us when you leave the house your pets can freak out. 

"I think you know a lot of our dogs get a thing called separation anxiety and, and they also want to protect their territories so anything to dull their senses about what's going on outside the house is probably a good thing for them, it puts less stress on them."

Dr. Rogen says leaving the TV on to help your pets anxiety is a "real" thing. You may also be surprised to hear that the kind of TV you own makes a difference. 

"Veterinary ophthalmologists feel as, that, on the high def pictures dogs can actually perceive and see the TV with high definition pictures, but with the old style television they don't think they can see it," Rogan said.  

When it comes to selecting a program your dog may be just as picky as you are. 

"I suspect election season isn't their favorite time to watch TV either." 

According to Dr. Rogen, dogs enjoy people's voices, music and something they can really relate to. 

"I'll have clients tell me that their dogs like nature shows and so there's a lot of dogs that like nature shows. I think anything that's soothing is good to have on," Rogen said.  

So next time you leave the house, turn on the TV and you may return to a happier pet.  

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