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August 23, 2017 10:02 PM

Gridiron Girls

The high school football season kicked off last week in South Dakota.  Despite losing their opening game of the season last week, the Menno-Marion Razorbacks have a couple of players on the team this year who are turning a lot of heads, but it's not because of their on-field play. 

You never know what plays get called in a huddle or what players come out of a huddle. 

For Menno-Marion, it could be number 72 with the blonde ponytail.

"I've always loved football," freshman offensive tackle Jessica Langrock said. 

"We're just girls , if we're out for football, we should be hit the same way as all the boys," Langrock said. 

The Marion-Menno football team has not one, but two players who are tackling gender inequality. 

"I just love the atmosphere, I guess and love to learn about the game," junior wide-receiver Trinytee Stewart said. 

Stewart decided to go out this year too.  She admits it hasn't been easy. 

"The first time I got laid out in practice, I thought it would be worse than it was, it wasn't so bad, I mean it hurt, but with the pads and helmet it doesn't hurt as bad," Stewart said. 

They say this is no publicity stunt.  In fact, they practiced all summer with the team at camp and lifted weights four days a week as well. 

Stewart and Langrock say even though they're girls they don't want to be treated any differently and according to their coaches and teammates, they're not. 

"No reason to take it easy on them, they're just another person out there, hit them as hard as you hit anyone else," defensive nose tackle Nick Muller said. 

"Every other player is the same, treat them the same as the whole team," junior running back Trey Bohlman said. 

"They get a chance to play football with us, which is great, because we get to interact with all kinds of different people," lineman Hunter Huber said. 

"See girls out here working as hard as the guys, doing our best just like everybody else," quarterback Spencer Schultz said. 

Even though they'll more than likely spend most of their time on the sideline this year, they both want to play again next year. 

Both Stewart and Langrock will get to see a lot of time on Junior Varisty.   The Razorbacks look to get their first win of the season when they take on Viborg-Hurley this Friday night at 7 pm in Viborg. 

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