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February 08, 2018 05:07 PM

Sioux Falls Photographer And Son Enjoy Unique Super Bowl Experience

A popular KELOLAND photographer had a unique experience at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. Greg Latza and his son Luke were part of a team of runners for 11 USA Today photographers at the big game. Of course, Latza brought his own camera to U.S. Bank Stadium as well. 

From Pink to P Diddy... and JJ Watt to former Vice President Joe Biden, Sioux Falls resident Greg Latza rubbed elbows with several celebrities at the Super Bowl, all while volunteering with his son Luke. 

"Mind blowing for him and for me too. It was just a crazy event," Latza said. 

The two were assigned to help specific people and were charged with running memory cards to and from the photogs, capturing special moments on the field to the photo-lab under the stadium. He admits, it was hard to stay focused with his own camera at his side. 

"Any time that I would actually be able to stop and catch a breath, then I would take some photos or I'd get myself into a position where I thought some action might happen or somebody famous would walk by and I could get those photographs," Latza said.

Action did happen right in front of him. Latza went full "burst mode" when Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made a beautiful grab just a few feet away. 

"Being close to that Gronk touchdown and at the time I thought that might be the winning touchdown because they took the lead when that happened. To be that close to him and see just how massive he was and know that the attention of the sports world was right in the corner of the endzone at that time was kind of exciting," Latza said. 

The Eagles would go on to celebrate their first Super Bowl victory a bit later. He took photos of that too but it's the memories he made with Luke, a student at South Dakota State, he'll cherish the most. 

"And actually my favorite pictures are the ones I shoot family and with my family. So having some shots of Luke and I on the field that night are really, really special," Latza said. 

Super moments that will last forever. 

Latza says he walked 14 miles on Super Bowl Sunday running memory cards back and forth. Luke was assigned to a roaming photographer in the stands and climbed 97 flights of stairs. 

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