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April 15, 2018 10:06 PM

Sioux Falls Residents Clean Up Aftermath Of April Blizzard

Sioux Falls residents spent the day cleaning up the aftermath of the April blizzard using anything they could to move the snow.

Sioux Falls community members aren't too happy to see old man winter. 

"Well like everybody I think we're all sick and tired of looking out our window and seeing white," Denny Pierson said. 

"I have better things to do, I could be doing more stuff," Tate Bathke said. 

Neighbors spent the day shoveling the heavy snow off their sidewalks and driveways. 

"We've got a snow blower but it wouldn't even hardly handle it and when the snow gate went by it was so much snow it couldn't handle it, it was about 2 and a half feet high." Pierson said. 

Fortunately, neighbors helped each other to clear out the blankets of snow. 

"It makes me feel wonderful and I've lived in this state all my life so I should be used to it but nobody likes this snow like this in mid-April, it's nuts," Pierson said. 

Up the block, Kristi Southwick is staying optimistic while shoveling with her 2-year-old grandson.  

"I have a little snow blower that took the top layer off of the driveway and it wasn't much help but every little bit helps. So we just tackle it and play with the baby and it's fun that way," Southwick said. 

Southwick says the snow isn't much of a bother to her, but she'd rather see something different falling from the sky. 

"It would be quite nice to have April showers. The good thing is, it'll melt quickly because it's spring but it's certainly not fun to have a blizzard in the supposed to be spring time," Southwick said. 

The snow plows are out plowing and are working to clear all the routes. 

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