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February 05, 2018 06:08 PM

Super Bowl Crowds Impact Flights Out of Minneapolis

The Super Bowl crowds filled up the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on Monday. MSP warned travelers to arrive up to four hours ahead of their flights during what's expected to be facility's busiest day in history. 

Nearly 70,000 passengers are expected to fly out of the airport. Winter weather also ended up delaying or canceling arrivals into Sioux Falls Regional Airport. However, after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, some fans say they don't need to get on a plane because their spirits are soaring. 

"It was great. It was a great team effort and we beat Tom Brady. So, you can't ask for more," Casey Winter said. 

Casey Winter and her dad, Gregg, aren't letting anything clip their wings. They're coming into Sioux Falls after driving here from the Minneapolis airport. MSP was so busy, the Winters couldn't get a flight home to Philadelphia. 

"We didn't book our flights until kind of the middle of last week. So, it was too late to get one in and out of Minneapolis," Gregg Winter said. 

Austin Nielsen says it's the most traffic he's seen at that airport. 

"Minneapolis was crazy, trying to connect from one flight to the next flight. There were people everywhere," Nielsen said. 

A bit of a delay later, and Nielsen was happy to be back in South Dakota again. 

"We were oversold by seven people, so they asked us to start bumping back, bumping back. There were a lot of people upset and irate," Nielsen said. 

That's not the case for Casey Winter and her dad, even though their flight home to Philly is delayed until Tuesday, they're still on a high today. 

"It would suck to go home as a loser, but we're not, so...makes it worth it," Casey Winter said. 

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