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February 05, 2018 04:58 PM

Super Bowl Volunteers Look Back On Experience

Minneapolis, MN

After a lot of buildup and fanfare, Super Bowl 52 has come and gone. But the memories from the experience aren't going anywhere for a long time. 

We've been introducing you to Crew 52 volunteers for months and followed them throughout our week-long team coverage in the Twin Cities. Now that the Big Game is over, we wanted to see what it was like for the crew to experience Super Bowl 52. 

For most people, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

"It's been pretty awesome, actually, a lot of people around from different environments and different places, so, it's been pretty cool just to see all the stuff going on this week," Super Bowl 52 volunteer Chad Curry of Sioux Falls said.

Sure, the Minnesota Super Bowl was cold.

"Obviously, some people I think have stayed away from some of the outdoor events because of that, but those of us who were volunteers who worked it," Super Bowl 52 volunteer Terry Vandrovec of Sioux Falls said.

But organizers didn't downplay or dismiss the weather. Vandrovec says the "Bold North" marketing was spot on. 

"To brand it the 'Bold North' and have people embrace both the elements and the idea of 'Minnesota Nice,' and I would say absolutely, all of my experiences with the volunteers were nothing but exactly what they wanted it to be," Vandrovec said.

"I feel like earlier in the week there wasn't as much excitement, you know, you kind of felt everybody kind of milling around a little bit," Curry said. 

That changed as kickoff approached.

"But by Thursday, Friday, and, definitely yesterday, on Saturday rolling around, it was a lot of fun," Curry said. "There was a lot of different people around, so it was, it definitely picked up over the weekend." 

These two know this part of the country well. They say visitors came to know it better.

"Last night on the light rail, there were some fans from Boston who had been to some of the other Super Bowl cities, and they were saying, they just couldn't believe how nice everyone was, and I think that's a badge of honor here in the upper Midwest, and I think everyone really kind of followed through on that," Vandrovec said.

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