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June 26, 2018 06:07 PM

Volunteers Save Homes From Flooding In Viborg

Viborg, SD

Pumps have been running overtime in the small town of Viborg, South Dakota in an effort to save homes from flooding. Thanks to the quick action of volunteers, so far just a handful of homes have water in the basement.

"When the water starts creeping closer to the basement door, then you know that you'd better prepare yourself, it will probably come in," Viborg homeowner Kari Nelson said.

Kari Nelson figured the water would flood into her 100 year old home. But at 11:00 Monday over a dozen volunteer firefighters and a few city council members helped turn the tide in her favor with a big pump.
"We are very fortunate that we aren't cleaning out a basement full of water. It's just a little wet around the edges, barely even that, so we're very thankful for the fire department and the city for helping out." Hansen said.

Viborg city council president Chad Nelson was back at it today, helping fire up a submersible pump to move more water down stream.

"It pumps around 6 or 700 gallons a minute. If we have ponding areas in town, we'll just drop that floating pump down and pump it out to the storm drain to get it out to a creek." Nelson said.

Nelson brought the pumps and tractor from his own farm to help out. He says Viborg will pump five or six million gallons of water out of city limits before it's over.

"The last ten days we've acquired right around ten inches of rain. We started pumping last night around 11 and we probably won't be done pumping tonight until 11 or 12 tonight," Viborg city council president Chad Nelson said. 

"It's going down. It's hard to believe as much water is still here, but yes, it's going down," Hansen said.
But now the million dollar question is, will the water stay down?

"Now any little bit of rain we do get, the ground is so saturated that we can't really keep ahead of it. You have to keep everything pumped down in case we do get another inch of rain. One inch looks like four or five," Nelson said.

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