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June 11, 2018 12:15 PM

Minnehaha County Auditor's Office Finds 164 Uncounted Ballots

Sioux Falls, SD

The Minnehaha County Auditor says there were 164 uncounted ballots from last week's election. 

This weekend, Bob Litz says his team looked at the math and found it didn't add up.  They've since added the uncounted ballots to the total vote and says the additional ballots don't change the results of any of the races. 

"It was a gaffe that night. It certainly was; regrettably so. But like you said, the system of checks and balances did work and these are being counted and we're going to enfranchise those voters' opinions," Litz said.

The County Commission approved the canvassing of the vote. 

Litz and a County Commissioner had another tense discussion about a voter getting the wrong ballot. We'll take you to Monday morning's meeting, later on KELOLAND News. 

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