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May 15, 2018 05:04 PM

New Mayor, Council Members Sworn In

Tuesday, the city's 32nd mayor, and city council took their oaths of office. Following the ceremony, we caught up with the men and women taking the reigns of city hall.

"Please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, Paul TenHaken,"  Judge Robin Houwman said. 

"I, Paul TenHaken," TenHaken said.
"Having been elected to the office of mayor," Houwman said.
"Having been elected to the office of mayor," TenHaken said.

Sioux Falls officially has new leadership. For Mayor Paul TenHaken, it's a relief.

"A year of hard work. A year of blood sweat and tears. And to have the swearing in done and now feel like I can role up my sleeves, get to work. It's a great feeling," TenHaken said. 

Along with the Mayor, new and old city council members were sworn in. The ceremony was full of city leaders, family, friends and promises for the future.

"As mayor and city council, we have the opportunity, as well as the obligation to make Sioux Falls a better place when we leave office, than we find it today," TenHaken said. 

With the pomp and circumstance, TenHaken also took some time to thank his wife, and kids.

"Even though Max didn't dress up, still looking good buddy." TenHaken said.

Now, with a new title and job to do, TenHaken is ready to get to work with his council.

"People are excited and they want to go to work and I'm excited to be leading that charge," TenHaken said. 

Now that Paul TenHaken is officially mayor, he says he's hitting the ground running with issues like affordable housing. 

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