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October 17, 2017 04:39 PM

Noem, Jackley Disagree Over Clean Campaign Pledge

Marty Jackley is looking for a clean campaign. The Attorney General asked Rep. Kristi Noem to sign a pledge, promising not to run attack ads during the race for Governor of South Dakota.

KELOLAND News received the pledge from Jackley Tuesday, which is signed by him, but not by Noem.

The Congresswoman has released a statement saying:

"I ran a competitive primary in 2010, and we’re all still friends.  I don’t know what Marty is worried about.  I’m not interested in campaign PR stunts.  This may be a game to him, but it’s not to me.  I’m pledging to the people of South Dakota to take on tough tasks in Pierre to improve our state.  That’s what our campaign has been about and will continue to be about.  Our state has many challenges to face, including a rising crime rate and drug epidemic.  We need to address workforce and economic development issues.  Voters deserve to hear from us on those important issues." 

We talked with Jackley about Noem's response. 

"It's unfortunate that the Congresswoman has rejected having a clean campaign. I look at what I want to do as a candidate, it is to run a campaign that my kids, my supporters and that South Dakotans can be proud of," said Jackley.

We asked if an attack ad is released against him, would he reciprocate?  Jackley said this:  

"You know, it will depend on what the ad is. Again, I want to run that type of ad my kids and supporters and that South Dakotans can be proud of. I mean, there may be a time when turn the other cheek. There may be a time when we have to respond," said Jackley. 

Jackley will face Noem, former State Representative Lora Hubbel and attorney Terry LaFleur in the GOP primary. State Senator Billie Sutton, a Democrat, is also running for governor.

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