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February 13, 2018 04:04 PM

Out-Of-State Money Cap For Ballot Questions Stalls In House

Pierre, SD

The South Dakota House has narrowly rejected a bill to restrict the flow of money from outside South Dakota into the state's ballot question campaigns.

The bill fell one vote short Tuesday of advancing to the Senate. Republican Rep. Spencer Gosch, the sponsor, moved to reconsider the vote later.

The bill would restrict out-of-state donors to $100,000 in contributions to a South Dakota ballot question campaign per general election cycle.

Gosch says officials need to give the ballot measure process back to South Dakota citizens.

Republican Rep. David Lust, who opposed the bill, says it's unconstitutional. House Speaker Mark Mickelson says it's a "50-50 call" and worth finding out.

The plan is among proposals lawmakers are considering on out-of-state influence in ballot measure campaigns. It failed in a Senate committee last year.

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