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February 14, 2018 11:29 AM

South Dakota, Marsy's Law Campaign Reach Amendment Deal

Pierre (AP)

South Dakota lawmakers have advanced changes to a constitutional bill of rights for crime victims under an agreement with the group that campaigned to pass the measure.

South Dakota would be the first state to change "Marsy's Law" of the six that have enacted it. The House State Affairs Committee voted Wednesday to approve the proposal.

It would ask voters to make changes to the Marsy's Law amendment including requiring victims to opt into many rights and explicitly allowing authorities to share information with the public to help solve crimes.

House Speaker Mark Mickelson, the sponsor of the changes, says the amendment voters approved in 2016 has caused unintended consequences.

Erinn Mahathey, a lobbyist for the Marsy's Law campaign, says the compromise measure would make the amendment "even stronger" and improve upon protections for victims.
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