The Easiest Way To Save Energy That No One Talks About

By Advertiser East River Electric

Have you heard about load management? You’re not alone.

Unlike CFL light bulbs and energy-efficient appliances – load management is a relatively unknown way to save energy and lower your electricity bills, even though it’s been used around the world for decades.

In fact, load management has helped local electric cooperatives save $188 million in wholesale power costs since 1985.

How It Works

Think supply and demand: When demand for a product is high, prices rise. The same is true for electricity. On hot summer afternoons or cold winter nights, your home is using a lot of electricity. When everyone's air conditioners or furnaces are on at the same time, demand for electricity is high – and your electric cooperative purchases wholesale power based on demand.

Load management allows your electric co-op to cycle off certain appliances, like water heaters and air conditioners, during high-usage or “peak” times. This process helps keep rates affordable by shifting select electricity usage from peak times to lower‑demand times.

“That sounds inconvenient,” you might say. But equipment enrolled in load management is remotely managed by your co-op and equipment is cycled off in a way that reduces inconveniences.

Other benefits of load management include:

  • Lower wholesale power costs for your electric cooperative – savings passed on to you.
  • Reduced energy use – a good thing for your budget and the environment.
  • Special rebates on select new equipment – including electric water heaters.

Get With The Program

More than 70,000 homes, farms and businesses already use load management to save money and energy. Why not you?

Contact your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative to learn more and sign up today!

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