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March 29, 2018 06:25 PM

All Star Nominee Emma Ronsiek Prospers Early In Her Career

Sioux Falls, SD

Emma Ronsiek is today's Sanford Pentagon/KELOLAND Media Group Player of the Year Nominee. The O'Gorman sophomore has led the Knights to back-to-back state tournaments in her two year high school career.

In just two years at the varsity level, Emma Ronsiek has already become a force in class "AA" basketball. 

"She's one of the first kids into the gym, she stays after practice, you know I think she walks the walk. She leads by example so as she continues to move into a junior and senior role I think she's going to become even more comfortable," head coach Kent Kolsrud said. 

Ronsiek averaged nearly 20 points and eight rebounds during her sophomore campaign, but it was in her freshman year that she began to shine.

"I just think that I put in enough time that I think that it panned out good and it's not all just me it's like everyone getting the ball everyone just like it's a whole team effort," Ronsiek said. 

"You know we put her in the starting lineup about a third of the way through the season or so, did a really nice job and had a huge state tournament, you know to help us win the state championship last year," Kolsrud said.

Ronsiek helped the Knights win the 2017 state "AA" championship and guided them back to the state this season, averaging 22 points per game during the tournament.

"Every team that I've every played with, I think last year and this year has been one of the best teams I've ever played with, coaching staff, everybody, players, it's just been great," Ronsiek said. 

The 6'1" sophomore hopes this is just the beginning.

"I just hope to keep working as hard as I can, keep going, keep pushing and I'm trying to win another state title, junior or senior year... or both," Ronsiek said. 

"She's right on track to be in that top group you know potentially being one of the best players to come out of O'Gorman high school and you know the next two years certainly have to play out. We just certainly hope she continues to strive to improve, to work hard, I know she will," Kolsrud said. 
Ronsiek hopes to continue her basketball career at the next level.

She's one of five female nominees for Player of the Year. We'll continue to unveil the female nominees this week on KELOLAND News at 6 and 10. 

The five boys basketball Player of the Year nominees will be revealed starting Monday.

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