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June 26, 2018 10:40 PM

Leber, Gerry Tackle Tackling In South Dakota


South Dakota natives Ben Leber and Nate Gerry were in Sioux Falls today, helping coach the next generation of football players.  

This fall you can catch Ben Leber and Nate Gerry on the sidelines of NFL games. Leber serves as an analyst while Gerry's just beginning his professional career, but today both are back home part of the Sanford POWER Riggs Premier Football Academy tackling clinic.

"You know for me to be able to come back now and give some knowledge to the younger generation, you know teach them some fundamentals of football, it really means a lot," Gerry said.

"I love to come back and really it's fun to see the advancements not just in football but in sports and activities in general throughout the whole state," Leber said. 

Leber spent ten years as an NFL linebacker and shared the importance of fundamental tackling.

"We know that there's a black eye in the sport with the head injuries and if we can stay on top of it and teach better techniques and prevent these kids from missing games and having these sub concussive hits and concussion hits then, hey the game's going to be more fun, it's going to be more safe for everybody else and for the younger generations hopefully they'll want to play," Leber said. 

Gerry's afternoon was spent answering questions about his rookie season, including his Super Bowl 52 victory with the Philadelphia Eagles and his championship ring.

"It opens up my eyes a little bit just because I remember when I was one of those guys always wondering, asking questions about things like that and you know they definitely thrown some questions at me that kind of caught me off guard but you know coming back home is obviously helped let it sink in a little bit," Gerry said.

Both men want the next generation to know where chasing your dreams can lead you.

"It doesn't have to be football but you know if you have big dreams, if you really believe in what you want to do that you can overcome those dreams," Gerry said.

"I think there's so many valuable lessons you can learn from football just in middle school and high school and that you don't even have to play college and pros that you can get those things in high school and I just encourage everybody to keep doing that," Leber said.

Gerry and the Eagles open training camp on July 25th, while Leber will add to his broadcasting duties, which now includes 13 college football games.
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