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March 13, 2018 06:06 PM

Lower Brule Boys Basketball Team Making School History

One team you'll see at the state 'B' Basketball Tournament is Lower Brule. In fact, the school is making history by making it to the tournament.

KELOLAND News talked with the team to see how they're feeling before heading to the competition. 

Hoping to fill their gym with another banner, the Lower Brule boy’s basketball team is more than ready for the state 'B' Boy’s Basketball tournament. 

"I don't just want to go to state. My goal is to win it, I want to go and play my heart out and show people we belong up there, that even though we didn't make it in the past years, we should've made it," senior Jay-Shawn Milton said. 

This is the first year the team has made it past regions since the 90's.

"As the season went on and playing these big time programs like Pine Ridge and all these other schools, we knew we could compete," head coach Leonard "Yamni" Jack III said. 

The team only had 4 games at their home court but managed to dribble past the competition to make school history.

"We went out and got trainers, people here that would help volunteer. Just reaching out and being open to everything really helped us get over the hump of where we needed to be," Jack III Said. 

These players say it's a good feeling knowing they accomplished a goal that many basketball players before them had. 

"It's pretty surreal. Like being able to have the whole community behind us, just having our coaches trust us, having everyone just have our backs and being able to get over that hump," senior Deemas Brownwich said. 

"To this day it's still unbelievable. I can't wrap my head that we're actually going to state. I know that my father, he's the assistant coach, and ever since he's been here they haven't went. It's just unbelievable," Wilton said. 

As for coach Jack III, he's proud of the success so far and everything else that's yet to come. 

"It's a big time for us and I'm happy for this community. I'm happy for these boys and their families and all the sacrifice and commitment that they did," said Jack III. 

The community is holding a pep rally for the boys before their send off to Aberdeen. They play Bridewater-Emery Thursday at noon. 

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