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April 03, 2018 06:25 PM

Player of The Year Nominee Matthew Mors Leads Yankton To First Title In 40 Years

Yankton, SD

Yankton freshman Matthew Mors is our next nominee for the Sanford Pentagon/KELOLAND Media Group Player of the Year award.  Mors led the Bucks to their first championship since 1978, and is well on his way to rewriting the team's record book.

Yankton standout Matthew Mors is just 15 years old, but doesn't lack experience on the court, as the 6'7" freshman has been playing varsity since seventh grade. 

"Bringing him up as a 7th grader, something we never thought we'd have to do in a community the size of Yankton, but you know it was pretty clear early on that he was a special kid and a special talent," Yankton Head Coach Chris Haynes said.

Mors credits his former teammates for helping a seventh grader make the transition to high school basketball.

"Tanner Frick, Bradey Sorenson and Reid Sawatzke, all those guys, they brought me in, showed me how everything is done done and done the right way," Yankton Freshman Matthew Mors said. 

"That senior class really took him under his wing and kind of showed him the ropes and showed him, hey this is the way, this is how you do things, this is the way to go about things. Ever since then I think Matthew has learned from them and he's handled himself the same way," Haynes said. 

A few years later, Mors has established himself as one of South Dakota's premier players.  He averaged more than 24 points per game this season, and shined in the biggest moments for the Bucks.

"You can't back down from the moment. It's what you work for. All those hours you spend in the gym with the lights dimmed, and once those lights turn on, it's go time," Mors said. 

Mors has another three seasons to stuff the stat sheet, but has already cemented his legacy in Yankton after leading the Bucks to their first championship in 40 years.

"He's doing things now that we haven't seen. I mean I don't know of a time before where a freshman has led his team to a AA State Championship. It just hasn't happened in our state before," Haynes said. 

Mors is one of five male nominees for Player of the Year.  We'll unveil the remaining finalists throughout the week on KELOLAND News at six and ten.  The winner will be announced at Saturday's All-Star banquet at the Sanford Pentagon, where North Carolina head coach Roy Williams will be the keynote speaker.

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