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April 18, 2018 10:40 PM

Spring Sport Athletes Eager For Spring Season

Sioux Falls, SD

The sports calendar has taken a hit this spring, littered with postponements and cancellations, as winter refuses to release its grip on KELOLAND.  

This isn't what a typical April practice looks like for the Tea Area track and field or Lincoln tennis teams. The Patriots have traded in their rackets for snow shovels this week courtesy of mother nature.

"Grab a shovel! There's not much else we can do except just try and clear the courts as much as we can," Lincoln tennis head coach Tom Krueger said. 

Lincoln has already had multiple matches postponed by the winter weather, while the Titans have just had one outdoor meet.

"It's already a back loaded schedule where we don't have very much at the beginning knowing it could start this way and then we have a ton of matches at the end so you get to the point where you just can't reschedule them all," Krueger said. 

"We've had once chance to actually qualify this year which stinks because we don't really have that much time to like be outside and work on handoffs or anything like work on our event and work on blocks so it's been rough," Tea Area senior Mikayla Wevick said. 

All athletes are being forced to embrace untraditional ways of training this spring.

"The hard thing is we have this beautiful facility and we've been on the facility maybe seven times out there doing the workout and even some of those days weren't warm days so it has been tough trying to come up with new workouts to keep our kids motivated," Tea Area girls track and field head coach Tori Miles said. 

"We try to do something with getting fast but it's hard to do in this gym because we don't have our spikes and there's not that much room," Wevick said.

"You're either indoors running or you're outside shoveling snow so it's a workout either way," Krueger said.

The Patriots and Titans are each hoping to get back outdoors next week.

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