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February 12, 2018 06:10 PM

A Look Back At The Cold Temps

We haven't been able to shake the cold air this month as many in KELOLAND have been waking up to below zero temperatures.  In fact, Aberdeen hasn't had a low temperature above zero yet this month.

It was another day to dress warm before leaving the house as low temps this morning fell to the single digits and teens below zero.  The cold has been the theme of the month as KELOLAND is well below average. Here's a look at just how cold it has been:

This is the average temperature so far this month and its departure.  Sioux Falls is at 7.7 degrees, but go to the north and Aberdeen's average is just barely above zero!  Same for Watertown.

Its departure from normal ranges anywhere from 11 degrees below to as much as 16 degrees below in Mobridge.

The last time we were this cold during the first two weeks of February was in 2014 when the average high in SIoux Falls was 16 degrees, so far we're at 18.

While we'll get a break from the cold by Wednesday, it will quickly return Thursday and Friday.  At least we'll be more than half way through the month by then.

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