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June 26, 2018 06:21 PM

Slower Storms Leaving KELOLAND

The last of a series of upper level disturbances has moved through KELOLAND.  

Clean-up continues for areas that have been dealing with floods, but at least the rain chances are not looking as high as what they have been.

We've had multiple hits of prolonged rain in southeast KELOLAND due to slow moving upper-air disturbances. These have moved slowly, because they are cut-off from the main steering currents of the jetstream. In fact, you can still see the spin in the atmosphere associated with the latest low to our east.

We are now heading into a more typical weather pattern for the end of June and beginning of July. This means, while storms will be possible going forward, they will be faster moving than the previous ones we've had. While severe weather will have to be monitored, periods of heavy rain will also be possible, but the rain will not be as prolonged as what we've had.  

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