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February 08, 2018 06:18 PM

Snow Across KELOLAND Brings Much Needed Moisture

Another round of snow moved through the KELOLAND area Thursday giving us some much needed moisture. But parts of western and central SD is still pretty dry.

Only the Black Hills and the southeast KELOLAND have actually gotten some good moisture when compared to this time of year. 

Normally the winter is dry but the quarter to half inch in the southeast and the near one inch amounts in the Black Hills is about two to four hundred percent of normal.

It's the middle ground that has received less than a quarter inch of moisture over the last seven days.

And this part of South Dakota has received just a few hundredths of an inch which adds up to less than ten percent of normal.

The current 10-day outlook models hint at some sideswipes of moisture in the northeast and the west but central SD is still looking dry.

So for now, since we are still in the winter season, try to enjoy some of this cascading white powder that has been making several return trips to KELOLAND before we go into a dry period. 

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