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April 16, 2018 06:37 PM

Weekend Blizzard Broke Several Snow Records

April is smashing records right and left.  From daily snowfall amounts, to monthly snowfall amounts, here's what happened with the help of the weekend blizzard.

The rain, freezing rain, and sleet switched to snow in Sioux Falls around 5:30 Saturday morning. Periods of heavy snow continued through much of the day. The combination of heavy snow and strong wind created whiteout conditions at times, not only in open areas but even in the cities and towns.

Here's a snapshot of some of the records that fell, so far.

Sioux Falls received 13.7 inches on Saturday, the heaviest one day total in April. The old record was 10.5 inches. Sioux Falls is now at 25.2 inches for the month, the old record was 18.4 inches in 1983.

Huron and Mitchell also set records, but it took two days to get there. Both cities set their record for snowiest two day totals in April with 15.5 inches in Huron and 16.2 inches in Mitchell.

While we're already above and beyond our snowiest April in Sioux Falls, there are other areas that will get closer to their snowiest April come Wednesday as more snow is in the forecast.  
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