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February 13, 2018 06:31 PM

WIth Warmer Weather, A Look Back At The Cold

You may not have to book a flight to escape the winter weather. Warmer weather is ahead.

The ups and downs in weather are typical when it comes to temperatures, but when KELOLAND gets into prolonged periods of cold in the winter then it starts to wear on us.  It's already happened twice this winter.

It was a warmer day on Tuesday with even warmer air expected on Wednesday.  It's been a while since temperatures have return above average in parts of KELOLAND.

Our stretch of below average temperatures in Sioux Falls will come to an end on Wednesday with highs returning to the 40s.  It will end a stretch of 10 days where the high temperature was below average in Sioux Falls.

During that time, the average high will end up being 14 degrees, that's 16 degrees below the climate average of 30.

There will be another stretch of cold weather in December and January.  That's when we had 16 days of below average highs from Dec. 22 through Jan. 6.  The average high was only 9 degrees during that time.

But there is a flipside.

Sioux Falls had a 12 day stretch of above average highs Dec. 10- 21.  That's when the temperature averaged 42 degrees.  That's 11 degrees above the climate average.

Enjoy the warm weather ahead as it's looking like we'll return to colder than average temperatures next week.  

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