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June 11, 2018 04:59 PM

Badlands Motor Speedway No Longer For Sale

Brandon, SD

Badlands Motor Speedway in Brandon is no longer for sale; in fact, it may not even be considered a race track anymore. 

Owner Chuck Brennan received a letter from the county that says the Badlands Motor Speedway is no longer in compliance with zoning laws and can't operate as a race track anymore, therefore, he's cancelled the auction to sell it.

It says 80 acres race ready, but there are other signs that say this is no longer a race track.  

The land that the track was built on decades ago is actually zoned agricultural, but for over 60 years has been allowed to operate under a conditional use permit.   

That permit expired last month, so it must now comply with its original zoning, which is ag land. 

"I feel sad that the auction is not going on," Brandon's mayor Larry Beesley said. 

Beesley says if Badlands Motor Speedway can't be sold as a race track, it's going to hurt the community. 

"It's been a part of Brandon's identity for over 60 years," Beesley said.  "It's a money maker for the county.  But yeah, we get some of residuals.  They stop in at a restaurant, they stop in at our gas stations, they stop in at our convenience stores and pick up snacks, Cokes, whatever."

It says at the bottom of the letter, a conditional use permit will need to be secured prior to any future races taking place. 

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